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My approach to an astrology reading is primarily a psychological one. I believe that a person's inner nature is the prime magnet that draws specific events and people to them and this is revealed in the astrological chart. In other words, "character is destiny".

By also examining current and future planetary cycles, I help my clients accept the real meaning behind the events in their lives. These cycles (both the challenging and supportive type) are meant to put us on the appropriate path to ultimate self-actualization.


Would you like to understand and accept your true nature? Do you want a road map to your future?

I invite you to have an experience like no other.  Your horoscope is unique to you and you alone.

Consultations available both in-person and over skype.

A first time reading can last well over 2 hours and includes a complete psychological profile and a full year's worth of coming personal cycles and trends.

Cost is $150.

If a client cancels a session after prep work has been completed there will be a charge of $50.

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Mark Figliola is a self-taught astrologer who became fascinated with the subject at the young age of 17.  That and his acquisition of a degree in psychology was the beginning of his interest in the vagaries of human nature. While in his early 20s he taught astrology in adult education classes out of Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario.  He has been honing his craft for over 35 years.  He currently lives and works in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.



"In one particularly stressful year of my life, Mark was able to pinpoint with precision the lifting and dissolving of a serious issue and it brought me great comfort and relief." -- Paula Seidenkranz, Hamilton, Ontario

"Mark marries his vast astrological knowledge with his wise and intuitive soul in order to guide you through the many twists and turns that life throws your way." -- Gary O'Connell, Toronto, Ontario

"In addition to his astrological expertise, Mark's readings are highly entertaining as he is a born storyteller who will hold you spellbound with his insights and style of delivery. His readings work as a form of therapy too for he is a compassionate and kind listener who legitimately wants to help others." -- Chris Willcox, Minneapolis, Minnesota


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